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What is Ms. Tiffany's Dance?

Ms. Tiffany's Dance provides private dance instruction, open dance classes, choreography and a host of other dance related services. Founded in 2007 by me, Tiffany Davis, Ms. Tiffany's Dance is dedicated to providing exceptional dance training. I pride myself on excellence and professionalism. I believe that each student has unique gifts and abilities, in which I take pleasure discovering .  I not only believe in harvesting technique, but providing the historical & educational background that goes along with it. The MTD motto is "Saving The World With Dance," one student at a time.


Private Lessons

Personalized Attention

The benefits of participating in private lessons are endless. Having one-on-one time with any dance instructor is very important for the growth and success of the student. Since 2007, I have worked with students of all backgrounds with varying goals in mind. My lessons are tailored to your ability, moves at your pace, and scheduled at your convenience.



Artistry Through Movement

As a dance professional, I have had the privilege of creating pieces for many different dancers. Each piece that I take on, no matter the event type, is a new challenge; another chance to tell a story through movement. I take pride in creating works FOR my dancers, showcasing their strengths and pushing their boundaries. From contemporary solos, to dance team routines, to choreography for musical artists, I have been blessed to create many different pieces art in the key of dance.


Guest Teaching

MTD on the Go

I enjoy traveling and working with as many students as I can. Touching lives and inspiring dancers of all levels is why I do what I do. I offer workshops where I come to your studio, company rehearsal, or team practice to offer my insight and technical training to your dancers in their home environment. It's truly the best of both worlds; your dancers get a new and exciting class from me and in the place where they feel most comfortable.

Home: Service

Ms. Tiffany is excellent! I am and adult who is brand new to ballet/dance. I have tried several studios in Birmingham and though they all have great dancers/choreographers none if them were great TEACHERS. Classes had too many students and I got none to very little attention from the instructor. Ms. Tiffany is not only a pleasant person but a fantastic teacher who knows her stuff and is willing to work at your level and answer all your questions. I highly recommend her!

Amy Chow

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