Need a different set of eyes working with your dancers?


I would love to move with our group. Bringing in a guest teacher is a great way to keep your dancer's technique fresh and expose them to different teaching styles that will help to make them well-rounded.

I am available to come as a guest teaching artist to your studio or company rehearsal. To learn more about the styles in which I teach, please click

If you have a minimum of 8 participating dancers, my fees are as follows:


$10/person – 1 hour

$15/person – 1.5 hours

$20/person – 2 hours


If your company has dancers and no rehearsal space, that's not a problem. Bring your dancers to me!


For more information on how to book a class with me shoot me a line 


Tiffany working with the Midfield High School Dazzling Dolls

I cannot be a teacher without exposing who I am.

Paulo Freire





Jazz Technique   Dance Conditioning   Contemporary Movement