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Are you looking for a more personalized and intimate dance experience with the fun of learning with others? 

Join an open small group class!

Open small group classes allow you to join two or three other dancers at your experience level and receive more individualized feedback and guidance. You will also enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, as there is no filming in these classes. Whether you want to improve your skills, have fun, or meet new friends, open small group classes are perfect for you! 

Upcoming Small Group Classes

Open Small Group Q&A

Q. What's the difference between open classes and open small groups?


A. In my open classes, the level of difficulty tends to lean more on the intermediate side. Also, in open classes the participants are mixed levels so you may have beginners in class with advanced students. The class size can vary to a handful of students up to 15 or so and open classes are also filmed for record and promotion. 


In the open small groups, you will train with students at a similar level as you and it's guaranteed no more than 4 participants at a time. This gives us more time to receive personal instruction and corrections. Also, these classes are not filmed. 

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