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Offered to ages 15 and up

The benefits of participating in private lessons are endless. Having one-on-one time with a qualified dance instructor is very important. Unfortunately, many dance classes are overcrowded and under-staffed, which makes it impossible to get the precious personal instruction students need. Private instruction allows me to create lessons tailored to correcting errors and improving strengths.

Each session will begin with  warm-up and end with a cool down and stretching. I will ensure that each student grasps not only the movement and technique, but the history of the dance genre as well.  ​

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Offered Training Styles



This class is designed to introduce and build on the basics of ballet. Starting from the most basic movements, we build a strong technical foundation, making sure that proper body placement and alignment are achieved. This class starts at the ballet barre, then moves to the centre for combinations. This ballet class concentrates on Vaganova style training. This class is open to beginner and intermediate students.


All Levels (Beginning - Advanced)

This class is designed to cover all aspects of Jazz dance. The styles of Jazz will consist of Contemporary, Commercial and Street Jazz. We will start with an intense warm-up, leading to strength training of the core and arms. We will then move to progressions across the floor and end with a short combination/choreography. This is a great for Jazz dancers of all levels as we will focus on proper body placement for leaps and turns, as well as other Jazz dance skills. This class is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced students.



This class focuses on lyrical  style dancing. The class will start with a ballet warm-up at the barre and slowly move to progressions across the floor. We will concentrate on heavy technique and feeling of the music. This class is open to intermediate and advanced students.


All Levels

This lesson will focus on a contemporary style of movement. Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that blends elements of ballet, jazz, and other styles. We will being the class with a vigorous warm-up. We will move to across the floor progressions that include floor work, finally ending with learning choreography that will be built upon each session. This class is open to intermediate to advanced students

Dance Conditioning

All Levels

This class is designed to strengthen dancers through various techniques. Dancers will experience elements of floor barre, Pilates, barre fitness exercises and dance drills. Exercises are designed to improve things such as leaps, turns, balance, and flexibility, among other things. A yoga mat is required for this lesson. Open to all levels, although basic knowledge of dance terminology and technique is preferred.

Dance Team Prep


This class is designed for those who are trying out for a dance team. Whether professional or recreational, this class will get you in the proper shape to nail that audition. We will concentrate on all the important aspects of nailing your audition and standing out in the crowd, through proper technique and appearance. This class is open to intermediate and advanced dancers.

Leaps & Turns

All levels (Beginner-Advanced)

In this class, we focus on improving the execution of leaps and turns, and introducing new skills. This class will consist of drills, combos, and exercises to make your leaps boundless and your turns effortless. This class can be tailored to any level of skill, from beginner to advanced. The skills covered in this class are in the style of Jazz. 

Floor Work

Advanced Beginner- Advanced

This class is dedicated to learning, perfecting, and performing movements done primarily on the floor. In this class we will learn rolls, balances, stalls and other floor techniques. We will also dedicate a portion of class to exploring through improv. This class is perfect for the dancer that is looking to improve and add new movements to their contemporary technique. Although this class is open to dancers of all levels of skill, it is preferred that you have intermediate level understanding in contemporary technique. Modifications can always be made when needed Also, if you have had any knee, elbow, wrist, back, or neck injuries, this class may not be for you. We will be practicing lots of skills that require body weight being placed on these parts

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Group lessons are perfect if you are looking to train with the people that mean the most to you! Whether family, friends, coworkers or company members, I will provide an engaging class that is suitable for all levels.


Choose from three locations across the city to fit the needs of everyone. Styles offered are mentioned above, 

Gather your group and let's dance!




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