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Contemporary Audition


My name is Tiffany Davis. I am a dance educator/teaching artist and choreographer living in Birmingham. To find out more about me and my background, you can visit this page, here.


I am auditioning for a choreography concept video. The style of dance is contemporary. The vibe of the piece is expressive and emotional. I am looking for one female dancer that can help to convey the story through movement,


Who: One female dancer at an intermediate/advanced level of contemporary dance training. Age 20 to 35. 

What: The dancer will learn and perform approximately TWO minutes of contemporary choreography to be filmed and included in a series

of work. After the work is completed (I will be filming a series of solos performed by different dancers) it will be submitted to various film festivals and used as promotional material online.

Where: Rehearsals will be held at Corky Bell School of Dance (Homewood Location). Filming will be done at an outdoor location in downtown Birmingham AT NIGHT.

When: Rehearsals will begin the week of May 6th with filming completed by May 24th at the latest. But I would like to start rehearsals as soon as possible if schedules permit. April is ideal. As stated above, the filming of this project will be done outside and I would like to avoid the Birmingham heat. 

How much is payment: The dancer will be paid $150 in total for their time. We will have three, two-hour rehearsals and a filming of 1.5 hours.

In short, you learn two minutes of choreography a dance it while being filmed.

There are a few requirements:

-For this projects, I prefer to work with intermediate-level and above dancers. 

-You will need to submit a video of you dancing so I can see if you are a fit for the project. Submit as many videos as you would like. Please include videos of you doing contemporary style dancing especially pieces that are very expressive. You can send me a links or upload a video below.

-I need you to be on time. Being punctual is imperative for this process.

-You'll need to sign a contract. It's just a simple contract to ensure we both agree to the terms of the project. 

-You'll need to have your own reliable tranporation for rehearsals and the day of filming. Remember, filming will be done at an outside location in downtown Birmingham. Location will be provided once you accept the gig.


If you are chosen, you will the contacted with details about the project. If you agree to the terms, we will schedule rehearsals.  

Must have evening availability Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturday afternoos availabilty is also a plus.

After you have read the above text in it's entirety, please fill out the application below.


Please include a bio about yourself and your training. You can also upload a resume if you would like ( not required). Include either links to your videos (if sharing from social media, please post direct links to your videos and not just a link to your page) or upload videos directly with the application. Please include a headshot as well. You can upload your headshot using the button on the application.

Apply Here
Availability (Select All That Apply)

Time of Day (Select All That Apply)*

Please use the box below to describe your former dance experience and include a link to a video(s) showcasing your technique. Please only include contemporary dance videos. Videos should showcase your technique and include leaps, turns, and expression. You can also use the upload option to send your video directly to me.

Upload Video
Resume Here (not required)
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Large video files (over 100mb) may take a while to upload depending on your internet speed. If uploading time seems to be taking a while, please consider sending a link instead

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