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Feedback by Ms. Tiffany is a service that allows students, parents, coaches and teachers alike, to send videos directly to me for critique and review.

Are you struggling with a step?

Perhaps you are sending in a video audition and need help with a combination. Or maybe, you are a dance educator or coach that would like another pair of eyes to review your dancers for technical mistakes.

This service is for you!

With 15 years of experience in dance education and choreography, I possess the skills to communicate technical corrections in a manner that dancers of all levels can understand.

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What You'll Receive

A comprehensive review of your video that includes ways to improve technical mistakes.

Choreography videos will receive feedback on technique, composition, flow and musicality, among other aspects.

How To Get Started

Upload your video below or provide a link to your video (youtube, dropbox, vimeo etc).

Your video can be less than 30 seconds, between 30 to 60 seconds or one to two mintes in length (pricing categories are below). Feedback is received in two business days or less!

Work Desk

Please submit your name, phone number,  email address, and link to your video. If you do not have a direct link to your video, you can upload your video by using the button below

Here you can provide your contact information, a brief description of your video and a link to your video (if applicable):



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Payment Options

Please choose the length of your video below

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