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Can Dance Classes Really Go Digital? 

In the wake of the recent pandemic hysteria of COVID-19, many are choosing to stay home as much as possible to not further the spread of the virus. In some countries, citizens have been forced into “lock down” by government officials with good intentions to slow what seems to be an illness moving at light speed. With schools being canceled in most states here in the U.S., dance studios have followed suit in discontinuing training for a period of time.

We are living in a digital world..

where technology is growing and becoming more advanced. Mobile phones are more powerful than ever, costing thousands of dollars. Stores are turning to self checkouts and restaurants are offering apps to order food online. Which brings us to the question....

Can dance studios really go completely digital?

When you think about class, you get the feeling of moving and flowing with music, sweat, euphoria (for some) but most importantly you think of all the corrections you receive from your instructors. Dance class is just that...a CLASS. In classes you learn, practice, correct and start all over again. Part of the learning process is receiving in person corrections from a qualified educator. It is important for educators to closely watch each dancer as they move.

Corrections are much more than, “point your feet.” Instructors are watching to see which muscles are firing, where turnout is lost and ask questions of their students to better understand where errors are occurring. This is best suited for an in-person setting, especially for students who are looking to pursue dance professionally.

But some classes can be online, right?

Absolutely! If you take a quick glance at YouTube, you can find thousands of dance classes posted for all styles and levels of skill. Anyone can tune in and watch full ballet classes and rehearsals, learn contemporary combos and even try their hand at break-dancing moves. Not everyone has been blessed with the opportunity to be able to take class in a studio setting. Online classes help to provide way for dance to reach everyone and it's so important that there are ways to experience dance digitally.

Should studios be looking to offer digital content?

Yes. As stated above, we live in a digital world that is only becoming far more technologically advanced. Many industries will have to adapt to an ever changing world, performing arts being one of them. Dance studios should look into putting together class videos and other digital content to offer students. It's perfect for students who may be injured, sick or other reasons that may keep them away from the studio. Even a pandemic.

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