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Get Paid To Take Class

Here's the deal...

We live in a digital world where social media plays a huge role in our lives. Some businesses rely on posting on Instagram or perhaps Twitter to drive sales and book new clients. My business is no different. Although I do not believe in relying on socials, I use them from time to time to get the word out about certain things I have going on with MTD


My business of private dance lessons is just that....PRIVATE. I do not like having to ask my students to allow me to post some of our sessions online for the world to see. My classes are intimate and special. I do not want to break the trust and comfort of my students by filming them for "content."


I would like to pay YOU to be my website and social media "content" (I hate that word lol). It's the best of both worlds because you get to take a class and get paid for it! In return, I can use some of our class footage for promotional purposes. EVERYBODY WINS!

In the past, these opportunities were just open to previous students of mine, but I am offering this to all dancers of Birmingham!

Here are some examples of videos I have done with students of mine:

Yes, there are a few requirements:

-For these projects, I prefer to work with intermediate-level and above dancers. Beginner dancers are welcome to apply, as I will be offering opportunities for beginners; but in the future.
-If I've never worked with you as a student,  you will need to submit a video of you dancing so I can see if you are a fit for these projects. You can send me a link or upload a video below.

-These opportunities are normally one hour total. If I need you for more than that, you will be notified before accepting the gig.
-I need you to be on time. Being punctual is imperative for this process because we only have one hour together.
-Payments range between $25 to $35 an hour. Some projects will take longer than an hour to record. Please read the details of each project before agreeing to participate.

-You'll need to sign a contract. It's just a simple contract to ensure we both agree to the terms of the project. If you are under the age of 18, you can have a parent sign for you.


If you are chosen, you will the contacted with details about the project. If you agree to the terms, we will schedule a time to record. Most of these projects will be held at Red Mountain Theater or The Dance Foundation, although a few projects will be filmed at Corky Bell Homewood.

Now accepting applications for the class recordings below
New Project 57 [DC5257E].png

Jazz Class

Jazz Technique class with improv and a short choreography combo

One Hour- Pay $25

New Project 57 [B3620B7].png

Contemporary Class

Contemporary technique that includes floor work practice, improv and choreography

One Hour- Pay $25 

New Project 55 [C68C419].png

Instagram Reels Ad

This is not a class but shooting an ad for my Feed Back service. Must be proficient in turns in second. Some acting required (non-speaking). This is a very short gig that will take less than one hour

45 minutes- Pay $25

After you have read the above text in it's entirety, please fill out the application below. Be sure to specify the paid project in which you would like to participate (listed above).  If you are new to working with me, please provide either a l ink to a recent video of you showcasing your technique, or you can upload a video using the application below. 

If you are a current of former student of mine, you do not need to provide a video (I already know what you're capable of ;) )

Apply Here
Availability (Select All That Apply)

Time of Day (Select All That Apply)*

If you are a former student of mine, you can skip the next part and go ahead and submit your application. 

If you are new to training with me, please use the box below to describe your former dance experience and include a link to a video(s) showcasing your technique. You can also use the upload option to send your video directly to me

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